Foster Care Awareness – Get Involved!


Did you know May is National Foster Care Month? In 1988, President Reagan instituted May as National Foster Care Month as a time each year where we recognize those making a difference through foster care and bring awareness to the needs of children in the foster care system.

Josiah White’s foster care offices throughout the state are recognizing this special month in various ways. 

The South Bend team is excited to host an event entitled “I Walk with Fosters” on Saturday, May 21st to raise awareness and support for foster families and youth in their local community. You can learn more about the event and register here!

The Wabash team is hosting a special banquet for their foster parents. Several offices are blessing foster parents with gifts, many of which were donated by local churches. 

Other churches are honoring this month by welcoming Josiah White’s to have a booth after their services for congregants to ask questions and potentially sign up to become foster parents. 

Additionally, you can get involved in National Foster Care Month in several ways:

  • Pray for foster children, their families, foster parents, and social workers.
  • Share social media posts about foster care to help raise awareness.
  • Donate!
  • Babysit for or bring a meal to a local foster family.
  • Mentor a foster youth who has aged out of the system.

To learn more about Josiah White’s foster care or to inquire about becoming a foster parent yourself, visit


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