Independent Living & Aftercare


Preparing teens for adulthood

Instead of meeting just basic requirements, we go beyond and walk with our youth to give them the hands-on experience, support and education they need to be successful in life. For example, we:

  • Provide an individual assessment and independent living plan for each youth over 16 years old
  • Assist with post-secondary education opportunities
  • Offer personal banking education (eligible youth receive a debit card and online banking access)
  • Partner with businesses to provide monthly experiential learning opportunities that cover topics such as buying a car, insurance, credit, taxes, employment and more
  • Assist with all aspects of on- and off-campus youth work and vocational opportunities
  • Seek and assist youth with skills certifications


Continued care after leaving Josiah White’s

  • We recognize that successful youth outcomes rely upon continued services.
  • We assist the family and county in developing an effective aftercare plan for each youth.
  • We help coordinate services to promote a healthy and successful transition back into the community.
  • We network with other service providers to help in the continuation of individualized treatment plans.