Even in the best of families, things can go wrong. We stand in that gap on behalf of families.

Opportunities for healthy second chances

Growing Teens For Life

Growing Teens For Life is a specialized vocational and workforce development program that directly meets the needs of students in residential treatment. This experiential learning program uses a hands-on learning approach through practicing work and customer service skills, while staff provide direct skills training, coaching, and behavior modeling.


Spiritual Life

Since 1850, Josiah White's has existed to offer hope and transformation through Christ to children, teens and families. Our founder had articulated his vision that this ministry would "be His greater instrument through the ages in adding souls to Him in His glorious world to come.


Teaching Family Model

The Teaching Family Model (TFM) is an evidence based, trauma informed model used to train and develop staff working with youth who are placed in out of home care. For White’s, TFM will be used within our foster care and residential programs. Treatment focuses on teaching appropriate pro-social behaviors and skills as alternatives to inappropriate or anti-social behaviors.


White's High School

White’s Residential & Family Services offers the most comprehensive educational program of any children’s residential facility in the state. White’s Jr./Sr. High School, located in Wabash, Ind., is fully accredited by the Indiana Department of Education and is part of the Metropolitan School District of Wabash County.


Independent Living & Aftercare

Josiah White's is dedicated to going above and beyond not only while a teen is on our campus, but also once they graduate from their treatment program. The team at Josiah White's ensures that each adolescent served is given the independent living skills training and aftercare support needed to flourish in life.


50 East Garden Center & Café

50 East Garden Center & Café provides the services our students need to be successful. We invite you to come, learn and be a part of our mission of loving kids and families.


We help teen girls find their purpose


Nestled on 800 acres, our campus setting is ideal for trauma-informed care.