Residential Services Implements New Summer Programming


Summer is officially here! School is out and kids are home with ample free time on their hands, forcing parents to get creative with a variety of activities to fill their time and occupy their minds. 

Here at Josiah White’s, we are also regularly seeking new ways to meet the needs of our students. This is how our workforce development program, Growing Teens for Life started, and why we recently hired a Recreation Coordinator to plan activities for the students that will show them how to have good, clean fun. These initiatives are both a part of our commitment to practice thoughtful ingenuity — to innovate and solve problems in healthy ways. 

Josiah White’s residential students generally thrive on routines and a regular schedule, making the absence of school in the summer a challenge. This year, our residential students will take elective courses in the morning and have recreational activities in the afternoon throughout the month of July. They will then resume full day school in August.  

Elective courses being offered include Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Program, a cooking class, Bible study, a film class, or participation in The Finnley Project, an initiative that collects crocheted hats and cocoons for babies who passed away shortly after birth or were stillborn. Recreational activities will include kickball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and training for our 5K race in the fall. 

“We have learned from experience that the more we structure our student’s time to be productive, whether with recreation or learning opportunities, the less time they have to get themselves in trouble. Our goal is to give the students something to look forward to each morning and get them active in the afternoon so by the end of the day, they are both tired and excited for tomorrow. The reason we offer a variety of options is that we recognize the individual differences in what may motivate our students. This is a concept that is taught in Teaching Family Model Core Training and continues to inform the decisions we make regarding reinforcing positive behavior on a daily basis,” said Josh Bowyer, VP and Executive Director of Residential Services. 

We are excited for our students to enjoy this summer schedule!