Substance Use Recovery Program for Teens

Intensive substance use disorder recovery

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The intensive substance use recovery program at Josiah White’s serves adolescents and their families who are being impacted by a Substance Use Disorder. As addiction touches all parts of an individual’s life, the program strives to provide emotional, social, physical and spiritual healing for youth beginning their recovery journey. Josiah White’s comprehensive recovery program uses evidenced-based and trauma-informed modalities both in daily living and the clinical setting. Caregivers utilize the Teaching Family Model to teach important social skills that often become stunted as one develops an addiction. Treatment focuses on helping youth develop early recovery and relapse prevention skills using the Matrix Program, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical-Behavior Therapy Informed, Family Education, Contingency Management and support systems such as 12-Step meetings. Therapists trained in EMDR provide treatment to address the traumatic memories that often underlie the development of an addiction.

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The Need for Josiah White's Recovery Services

1 in 1

One in four teenagers believe that prescription drugs can be used as a study aid. 

– SAMHSA August 2021 

50 %

Two-thirds of teens who misused pain relievers in the past year say that they got them from family and friends, including their home’s medicine cabinet. 

– SAMHSA August 2021


More than 93,000 drug overdose deaths were estimated to have occurred in the United States in 2020. 

– NIDA September 2020 

WE ALL KNOW SOMEONE who has been negatively impacted by addiction, whether personally or through a friend or family member. Adolescents are especially vulnerable to the deceiving promise that substances will free them from the pain so many endure daily. Josiah White’s Recovery Services will help guide these young people and their families to begin or resume recovery while offering healthy second chances and persevering hope. Our desire is to meet young people where they are, help them recognize their inherent worth, and enable them to discover the new possibilities that come from the courage to choose recovery. 

The team at Josiah White’s is trained to understand the unique developmental needs and challenges of adolescents, especially those who require treatment for depression, trauma, and substance use. Our Recovery Services program will provide extraordinary care and competence by utilizing evidenced-based treatment models focused on beginning the process of healing during early recovery, but most importantly, preparing young people to return home. We will help young people and their families identify and secure services and supports that will meet their individual needs to address issues including mental health, trauma, addiction, and spirituality. 

Josiah White’s combines a clinical and Christian approach to treatment with the understanding that no one is immune from the potential impact of addiction and with the belief that an individual’s addiction does not define them. Our team serves with humility and compassion for all individuals. Our commitment will always be to offer hope and transformation to the courageous young people beginning the journey toward healing and a renewing of their spirit. 

Offering Healthy Second Chances

Recovery Planning

Young people in Josiah White’s Recovery Services program will develop a plan for recovery to implement upon returning to their community. Young people will be encouraged to learn from others who have progressed in recovery while also identifying strategies unique to their specific situation. This may include helping young people and their families identify recovery supports such as 12-Step programs, recovery coaches, mental health and medical treatment providers, workforce training, healthy recreational activities, LGBTQ+ supports, and spiritual supports such as churches or other religious organizations. 

Skills Training

The clinical and daily living focus of Josiah White’s Recovery Services program will be teaching young people skills that will support recovery, improve relationships, and allow them to grow as individuals. The clinical staff will use the evidenced-based Matrix Model to teach early recovery skills and implement recovery planning. The daily caregivers, also known as Family Teachers, will use the Teaching Family Model to help young people learn social and other important skills critical for healthy development. The Teaching Family Model is an evidence-based and trauma-informed model of care that helps young people learn the necessary skills to build and maintain relationships. The skills learned are critical for many young people who are working to repair the damage that has occurred in their relationships with friends and family. 

Trauma-informed Treatment

Studies are continuing to show a link between trauma, use of substances, and the subsequent development of addiction. Many young people experience trauma that leads to their addiction, which is why having treatment that addresses their trauma is vital for their recovery. Josiah White’s clinicians are trained to provide Eye-Movement-Desensitization-Reprocessing (EMDR) to help young people heal from their traumatic experiences. Although no therapy can guarantee results, studies are showing that patients experience the benefits of EMDR in a shorter time period than other psychotherapies. This is very important as many young people will only have a short period of time in Josiah White’s Recovery Services and need treatment to be as efficient and effective as possible. 

Medical Care

Josiah White’s Recovery Services is planning to provide Substance Use Disorder treatment at the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) 3.5 Level of Care. Young people who require this level of care will be evaluated weekly by a qualified provider to ensure they are receiving appropriate medication administration and dosage, safe management of withdrawal symptoms, and monitoring and treatment of other health conditions. In addition, a Medical Director will provide oversight twice per month to ensure young people are receiving the highest quality of care. Ensuring young people’s safety and physical well-being is foundational if all other areas of treatment are to be successful. 

Holistic Approach

It is the goal of Josiah White’s to provide treatment for the whole person. A significant focus of Josiah White’s Recovery Services will be the clinical treatment that helps young people improve their mental health, learn early recovery skills, and begin the recovery planning process. Social skills will be taught using the Teaching Family Model and medical oversight will be very prominent considering the reasons young people enter treatment. Josiah White’s campus also provides multiple facilities to promote fitness and physical healing. Our founder, Josiah White, specifically indicated his vision in the mid-1800’s for young people to receive a “spiritual education.” For those who come to receive treatment at Josiah White’s, this is of paramount importance. Addiction damages a person’s spirit at the deepest levels, and it is our belief that spiritual healing needs to be integrated in a holistic treatment approach. 

Family Education

Family support to recovering individuals is critical as addiction cannot be faced alone. Oftentimes, family members have been hurt by the person in recovery and view addiction as a moral failing. Josiah White’s will provide weekly Family Education using the Matrix Model as a framework to teach family members on how they can support their young person’s recovery as well as better understand the intricate struggle their young person is experiencing. There is often extreme anger, blaming, and trust issues that need to be understood and addressed before the family can provide the necessary support for their teen to return home. Through Family Education sessions, family members will assess their readiness to help while learning how to set healthy boundaries important for a successful recovery plan. 

Recovery Program Overview

Josiah White’s has experienced a significant increase in requests from parents who have a child struggling with a substance use disorder. There are few facilities that provide the services needed for these young people and many families do not know where to turn for help. The addition of the Recovery Services Program to Josiah White’s in 2022 will offer new possibilities to many who have felt like “the most deserted.” These were the words Josiah White used in the 1800’s to describe those individuals he desired to serve. 

Josiah White’s is planning to offer Recovery Services Treatment at the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) 3.5 Level of Care. Young people will receive a minimum of 20 hours of clinical addiction treatment per week. Clinical staff are trained to address the co-occurring disorders that often accompany an addiction including the trauma so many young people have experienced. The primary goal is for young people to stabilize and develop a recovery plan that will continue as they successfully reintegrate back into their home and community. 

It is our sincere desire to expand on our founder Josiah White’s mission by providing healthy second chances, extraordinary care and competence, and persevering hope to those courageous individuals who will choose to begin or resume their healing at Josiah White’s Recovery Services.